Stephen Brodie - Actor / Writer - Film, Television, Commercial, Industrial, Voice - Dallas, TX

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Watch our Short Holiday Film  -  December 21, 2016

Check out the short holiday film that I made with Cassie Shea Watson. We shot and edited this over the course of three days, and it was so much fun! Please, do NOT watch this video if you don't have a sense of humor, are offended by dead things, or if you don't like reptiles. Read More

Played a Schizophrenia Patient  -  September 21, 2016

I just finished working a live event playing a schizophrenia patient during interviews at a convention for a pharmaceutical company. This is not the type of thing I normally do, and honestly it was a bit out of my comfort zone. Read More

Filmed "Blair"  -  September 11, 2016

At 10:00pm yesterday, we began shooting a feature film. We wrapped on that film at 10:00am this morning. Yes, you heard that right. We shot an entire feature film involving 2 cameras, 12 actors, 18 locations, and 467 miles traveled, all in one 12 hour period. Read More
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Stephen Brodie

Actor / Writer

Stephen is a professional Actor and Writer, with numerous credits in Film, Television, Commercial, Industrial, and Voice.


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