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"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it."
- André Gide


"Companion" Released  -  September 14, 2021

Our film COMPANION is released today to all major streaming platforms and cable providers. Please give it a watch! Visit our LinkTree for links to all the places. And watch the trailer on YouTube.

Filming Begins on "Urbex"  -  September 3, 2021

Filming begins today on our short film URBEX, which will be part of a feature length horror anthology called PENDULUM. All films will deal with the subject of witches and witchcraft. Here's a sneak peak of our amazing location and the film's synopsis. The film is being directed by Troy Hart, and I'll be starring alongside Sahara Ale, as well as producing. This is going to be such a cool one!

When urban explorers Stuart and Dez investigate an abandoned orphanage for their YouTube channel, they interrupt a ritual by three young witches trying to resurrect Lily Gardner, the former head mistress accused of witchcraft and the gruesome murders of children. Will they be successful? Will Lily Gardner reward them? Or will they become her next victims?

Appearing at Monster-Con!

Appearing at Monster-Con in San Antonio  -  August 6, 2021

I'll be appearing at Monster-Con next month, September 25-26, 2021, in San Antonio, TX. If you're in the area, stop by and see me! I'll have some cool new FEAR THE WALKING DEAD merchandise, among other things!

Appearing at Monster-Con!

Filmed "Blood & Honey"  -  June 20, 2021

I filmed a fun little scene for a TV pilot today called BLOOD & HONEY. I play a sleazy criminal named Thebes with a thing for corn dogs. You'll just have to wait to learn more.

"Baphomet" Released  -  June 8, 2021

Today is the day! BAPHOMET is now out on all streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime VideoVudu, and iTunes, as well as on DVD and Blu-ray. I play the sadistic deacon and assassin Aksel Brandr. Not sure why I keep getting all these bad guy roles. Ha ha. Does anyone want to cast me as a nice guy?

Music Video for "Shellshock" by Tank  -  April 8, 2021

Check out this music video for "Shellshock" by the band Tank. This song will be on the soundtrack for my upcoming film BAPHOMET, due out in June, and features footage from the film! Oh, yeah, and watch for me.

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