The Significant Other (2012) - DVD

"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."
- George Bernard Shaw
The Significant Other (2012) - DVD
The Significant Other (2012) - DVD
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Synopsis: When operating a Bed and Breakfast, it's better to be married? Or is it? Clara (Brittany Joyner) will find that her fictitious husband may cost her the love of her life. Her first guest, Rick (Donny Boaz), is gorgeous, sweet and single, but he thinks she's married. Clara doesn't know how to tell him that she's not really married, and after running into her "husband" with his male lover, Rick doesn't know how to tell her that her husband is gay and cheating on her. The Significant Other is a hysterical romp where love checks in and sanity checks out.

Stephen plays Marty, the fake "significant other" of Clara.

This item will be signed by Stephen, unless otherwise specified.

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